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During my senior year I developed a web business and executed it. Abroad Gear is a website with all things to help students prepare for study abroad and also return. The products would be drop shipped. The website is currently still being worked on but you can buy products and explore. Check it out here at


Google Online Mktg Challenge

Three team members and I developed and executed a Google Adwords campaign. We participated in the Google Online Marketing Challenge utilizing Meridian IT as our business to create an online advertising campaign. We used Pay-Per-Click advertising and completed a pre-campaign and post-campaign report.


I was asked to design a website for Ryan's music. I completed the website for him at I also set him up with a calendar for all his live events so people can track him online to see where he is playing.


I taught myself Photoshop and do freelance photography on the side. One of my most recent photo shoots was for New York Communities for Change.

40K Foundation

While abroad in Australia, two group mates and I worked on a strategy for 40K Foundation.


Pop Write

Developed a product on my own and applied for and was granted a provisional patent. The device sticks into your notebook to hold a pen or pencil. Pop your Pen and start writing! I won a $1,000 grant from RIT to develop the product for the Student Innovation Center.